Tu B'Shevat


3-5pm, Family TuB’Shevat celebration with JNF. Free event. Crafts, planting parsley seed, music, snacks- RSVP to admin@burquest.org

Tu B'Shevat is an annual celebration of nature. While in North Amerika and Europe is still a middle of the winter, in Israel it’s beginning of the spring when the cold weather and the rain have come to the end in Israel. The name of the holiday means the 15th day of the month of Shevat. Historically, it was an agricultural event.

When the Jews were exiled from the land of Israel and lived in Diaspora , Tu B'shevat had a new meaning – it was a way to keep connection with the Land of Israel. It became a mitzvah (commandment) to eat special fruits at this day – dates, figs, grapes, carob which associated with Israel. There is a Tu B'Shevat ceder modeled after Passover Seder. In modern Israel it is custom for children to plant trees on Tu B'Shevat and also to sing songs and prayers for this event.

Last Updated: 07-Jan-2019 02:34 PM