Burquest News

The Burquest JCA located in Coquitlam is looking for a principal/teacher for its Sunday School Program. The individual should be knowledgeable in the Hebrew Language and familiar with Jewish culture and festivals. Some experience with children would be an asset. The School meets Sundays 10:00 to 12:30, September- J .. read more

On June 7, 2017 Burquest community kitchen club hosted adult's and senior's Shavuot lunch for more than 25 people. Shavuot is a very important Jewish holiday for giving the Ten Commandments and reading the Megilat Ruth. Special festive dairy menu with variety of Israeli dishes, salads, fruits and cheesecake was pre .. read more

At second day of Passover at April 11th 2017, burquest had invited their members and guest for special Passover celebration led by Cantor Steve Levin. It was unforgettable, memorable Passover luncheon with special performance by Steve who offered favorite Jewish tunes and filled his songs with emotion and nostalgia .. read more

A very successful sukkot party tonight. Thank you to Sonia and James Bradford for building an amazing sukkah. Thank you to Yossi and Aleph in the Tricities for co hosting and making the night a success. We hope you had fun! Chag Sameach  .. read more

October 31st, 2016 marks the launch of an exciting chapter for the Burquest Jewish Community Association as we unveil our new, mobile-friendly, responsive website! This website has lots of great info! Some key features to check out, our updated Children's Program (/kids) area! We have also added an easy to fi .. read more