Sharing meals and enjoying food is an essential part of Jewish social and ritual life.

There is something wonderful about the tastes and aromas of traditional Jewish dishes – Challah on Shabbat, Sufganyot (Middle Eastern doughnuts) and Latkes for Hanukkah, Hamantashen on Purim, Matzah on Pesach, Kneidlach, Knishes, Blintzes – the list goes on and on. Indeed, Jewish cuisine includes many cultural influences as Jews throughout the Disapora adapted the dietary laws of Kashrut to their local foodstuffs. Even today, we continue to combine both the old and the new to create new culinary delights. We invite you to share our dishes and recipes and to share yours with us.

Our Food Policy

Our kitchen in the Burquest Community Centre is not a kosher kitchen, but we do maintain a “dairy and parve only” food policy (with the exception of our community Pesach Seder and other specified social events). Here are some general guidelines:

  • Dairy (and dairy products) and meat (and meat derived products) may not be mixed.
  • Eggs are parve and not dairy.
  • Fish is not considered meat.
  • Sea food that is not permitted includes: shell fish, catfish, swordfish, shark, eels, octopus, squid, etc.
  • Check the ingredients when preparing foods and avoid anything non-kosher.

If you have any questions on whether something is permitted or not, just ask.

Meat Dishes

For Pesach, we have a community seder that includes meat (no dairy). Also, at other times, we may have social events that include meat (and no dairy). For these events, the meat dishes are prepared with kosher meat in the Burquest kitchen or come from one of the kosher outlets (Omnitzky’s, Sabra, or Kosher Warehouse).

Note that while we do not separate our dishes and cutlery, we do use glass dishes, in accordance with some Rabbinical thought on its non-absorption nature.