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Ceasefire or lull?

By Zanna Linskaia

Two days ago in the interview to Mark Levin on TV Fox News Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said that ceasefire in the war with Hamas impossible - it will give opportunity to the terrorists to increase their ability to fight and get additional weapons through the tunnels. However, under huge pressure by Biden administration, hundreds of protestors of hostages’ families inside Israel and thousands of Pro-Palestinian mobs rallies all over the world, Israeli government negotiated to take 4 days pause in order to get 50 hostages from 240 taken by Hamas. The price for this deal is to free 150 Palestinian prisoners together with humanitarian aid, that had never stopped during this war. But the war is not over. After the hostage deal with Hamas IDF continues its battles with another Iran proxy - Hezbollah and is ready after lull in Gaza to fight Hamas to the very end.

At the same time, unprecedented threats to Jews in USA, Europe and Canada with the weak government leaders and political games with Muslim population, are reach the critical point. We face anti-Semitic violence in multiple cities and celebration over murdered Jews on Canadian streets. Is it betrayal of so many of our countrymen in Canada including Canadian PM?

Pro-Palestinian protesters now have the blessing to target Israelis and Jews. A shooting at Jewish home in Winnipeg because of the mezuzah on its door. The Nazi symbols on rabbi house in Surrey, the security guards at the Jewish schools in Vancouver, the evacuation of Talmud Torah school of bombing threat in Toronto, damages of Jewish shops and homes in Montreal. At Vancouver rally, lecturer of Langara College Natalie Knight got a roaring applauds for calling murder of Israeli civilians “amazing” and “brilliant”. A prelude to Jew hunts, like “Kristallnacht” in Germany, 85 years later...

In his magnificent article by National Post Conrad Black writes: “ We do not have statesmen of the stature of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt or Charles De Gaulle to lead us. But we must grasp the profound moral danger of this time: we cannot tolerate any hypocrisy about “proportionality.” Israel asks no one to fight its battles but we must leave the Israelis in no doubt that they have the blessing of the entire civilized world in destroying those who would destroy them. It is not just the Jews but all civilized people who must now agree “Never again.”

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