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Burquest book club news

From Laura Zitron

Our small but committed book-club recently read 'The Sisters Weiss' by

Naomi Ragen.

Her writing style made the book as easy and pleasant read

as she created well-defined characters. Her book, set in the the 1950s

in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, elicits many themes, such as family

loyalty, self-discovery, the role of religion in our lives, and

community expectations pitted against individualism. Sandra Hochstein

ably lead us through interesting discussions and reflections.

Our next free zoom book-club will be on 'Everything is Illuminated' by

Jonathan Safran Foer, at 3:30pm on a Sunday afternoon in August, the

exact date to be announced. I hope you will be able to join us.

Registration will be through our website. Please follow up weekly newsletter.

Zoom link will be posted a week before the event in the newsletter.

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