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Does anyone care about the truth?

By Zanna Linskaia

The world has simply gone mad, including local BC city Councils and Mayors regarding Israel-Hamas war. Hypocrisy, lies and extreme hatred toward Israelis and Jews are unprecedented, accusing Israel in “ genocide of Palestinians”, and do not see conflicts and people sufferings in other parts of the world. Under pressure and propaganda by pro-Palestinian mob and provocateurs' of “Free Palestine BC” group, sponsored by terroristic organizations, Langley city Council of BC recently passed the motion - Call for a Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza and Call to End Canada’s Complicity in Both the Ongoing Genocide in Gaza and in the Occupation of Palestine as a Whole.

In resolution, sent to PM, City of Langley urging the Federal Government to-

· Call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza;

· Stop all trade in military goods and technology with Israel;

· Support South Africa’s case against Israel at the International Court of Justice

regarding Israel’s violations of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of

the Crime of Genocide;

· Ensure Canadians trapped in Gaza can reach safety in Canada and lift the arbitrary

cap of 1,000 temporary resident visa applications;

· Provide humanitarian and financial aid to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank;

· Support the prosecution of all crime and violations of international law committed in

the region;

· Advocate for an end to the decades-long occupation of Palestinian territories;

· Officially recognize the State of Palestine;

· Acknowledge that multiple human rights organizations have determined that Israel is

practicing apartheid. These organizations include Human Rights Watch, Amnesty

International and B'Tselem;

· End Canada’s support for US/UK bombings of Yemen for their support of Palestine.


No Mayor Nathan Pachal, neither six councils- P.Albrecht, T.James, D.Mack, M.Solyom, R.Wallace did not even mention the massacre on October 7 by Hamas murdering 1,200 innocent Israeli babies, women and civilians.Israel did not start this war. It was Hamas and Palestinians who openly endorsed atrocities and called for the violent destruction of Israel.

City of Langley pretends that they do not know about 250 hostages held captive by Hamas and half of them was killed by terrorists. They operate by numbers of killed Palestinians, given by Hamas authorities. Among this amount half of them - Hamas fighters. Why these politicians do not call for Hamas ceasefire and release of innocent people?

Oh, Jewish lives are not so dear to their hearts like Palestinians?

Holding hands with terrorists is disgusting and calling Israel apartheid state shows only political and moral disgrace of elected officials.

Recognition of Palestinian state is also not jurisdiction of Council, as well as whole current motion. The role of local government is to oversee the delivery of local services, facilities, safety and infrastructure. This is residents pay taxes for, not for political games and false information given by Hamas leadership and spread by BC local authorities in order to have support by huge Muslim population in the coming elections.

Does anyone care about the truth?

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