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Oh, Canada...

By Zanna Linskaia

Canada shows once again its fall on international stage regarding a motion at the UN General Assembly to move forward recognition of Palestine as its own state. For many years our country supported Israel and called Palestinians to recognize Jewish state. Now Liberal and NDP government decided to change policy toward Israel and its war with Hamas.

Our own Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly released a statement that Canada believes in a two-state solution as the only way to a lasting peace. She added that progress must be made on this path even without Israel. Can you imagine what would happened in the world if Israel called to recognize Quebec as independent state even without Canada?!

Absurdness of this argument by Canadian official is obvious. She does not take in account that no Hamas neither Palestinians want peace with Israel. What they want and declare in the wide world riots, rallies and protests is destruction and elimination of the Jewish state and Jews -“from the river to the sea”. Israel had offered 5 times to Palestinian authorities opportunities to have their own state - and always had been rejected.

The motion recognizes that Palestine is ready for admission to the UN!

143 countries passed this motion with 9 opposite and 25 abstained. It was a generous gift to Hamas terrorists and all Iranian proxies. Do Canadian PM and his government understand their dangerous policy or they follow Biden’s sides with Hamas and betrayal of Israel?

Israeli’s Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan in his emotional and outstanding speech said that UN by its vote to recognize Palestinian state rewards Hamas for the massacre on October 7, and entire world should remember this immoral act.

The same can be said about Canadian mass media with few exceptions. CBC has covered the war between Hamas and Israel with false and bias accusations toward IDF. French “La Presse” in Quebec published anti-Semitic cartoon of Israeli PM Netanyahu with long nose and sharp claws sucking blood of “innocent Palestinian victims”. He looks like a German evil Nosferatu from the horror movie. “Toronto Sun”, “Vancouver Sun”, The Canadian Press are full of anti-Semitic articles and letters. Canada capitulates to anti-Israel protests and demands by terrorist supporters. All my feedbacks and opinion of a dangerous and narrow-minded views of anti-Israel bias were sent to the editors and journalists, have been declined without any response.

These “voices of a nation” are funded in millions of dollars by Canadian government and our PM, who is a favorite figure of broadcasts and newspapers. Sadly, Canada has lost its pride and confidence, safety on the streets and homes, power in finance and energy, voice and respect around the world.

Will Canada be great again after new federal elections?

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1 Comment

May 17

From Rudy Rozanski

Great article on the continuing Jewish hatred embodied by the unhinged left headed by Justin Castro. But people are not only wilfully blind, but also eager to reinvigorate the longest lived hatred in the world. Canadians have no idea what it would be like to live next to a people that enshrine their destruction. We have become a weak, self centred, entitled people that extoll evil and criticize good. All the great Jewish contributions to the world are easily forgotten. Society is truly inverted, and the prediction of “end times” should be considered as a now real possibility; certainly every Jew should.


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