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The Miracle of Chanukah: A Timeless Story of Faith and Freedom

This is the most famous menorah in the world: just before the Nazis came to power, members of the Posner family lit it in Kiel, Germany. Through the window they saw the Nazi Party flag. The mother of the family, Rachel Posner, wrote about this: 'The flag says: Judah, die. The candle answers: Yehudah will live forever.

The candle was right. The Nazi flag has been defeated, and our light continues. The menorah survived and was donated by the family to Yad Vashem.

Every year at Chanukah we take it out to use it, and tonight - descendants of Rachel Posner who serve in Gaza, lit the menorah there.

The light that defeated Nazism will also defeat Hamas.

We will continue and add light to the darkness. Happy Hanukkah".

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