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2022 is near the corner...

By Zanna Linskaia

We have already lived in pandemic time two years and even though having vaccinations, boosters, masks, restrictions – nothing has almost changed. The pandemic distortion that defined 2020 did not disappear in 2021, and the events of this year turned out to be just as mind-melted difficulties as before.

We lost our vacations, our holidays, concerts, our gatherings and our normal life.

We are once again about the wrong timeline we continue to live through - restrictions, vaccinated passports, masks… It just went on, and on, and on… Political games in uncertain time. Life stopped being funny and started messing grasp on reality again.

World Health Organizations’ authorities recently declare very optimistic note:

“We must leave 2021 with sorrow and look forward to 2022 in hope.”

One of the quotes from Talmud says: “Hope is dying last”.

Will be there light at the end of tunnel?

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