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After Jews, who is next?

By Zanna Linskaia 

While Israel marked 3 months of fights after massacre by Hamas with militants in Gaza, Hamas supporters continue pro-Palestinian rallies in West countries, including Canada. I was in Coquitlam mall on the eve of January 7, 2024, when a huge group of a few hundred people with Palestinian flags, megaphones, placates and covered faces had streamed through the main entry on the second floor. They began marching and chanting all known hatred slogans against Israel and Jews. The mob of the young Arab people together with children and native mature Canadians have been well organized and aggressive. Their “peaceful guards” secure them from both sides, and they continue to march, chant and called for intifada on Israel.  

-Do you have permission from City Hall for this rally in the mall? - I asked one of them, requiring to show his officer’s card. He refused even to tell his name. Participants - women began to scream yelling at me that Israeli soldiers are killing Palestinian babies. I try to ask a young Canadian boy why he supports those who murdered Israeli children and what does he know about Israel.  - “I don’t care about politics, - was his answer. They pay me pretty good money”.  

I approached the mall security guards and asked them to call the police. They had already called but the police did not show up even though RCMP station is 5 minutes from here. The people in the mall were frightened and silent, but visual Muslims were excited by the rally.  The mob turned to the exit and went to the City Hall chanting - “From the river to the sea” and “Intifada resolution”. I run to police station and discovered that on  Sunday police - closed.

I have few questions to the official authorities of Coquitlam: - Who organize these rallies, who support them financially and what kind of investigation and penalties the demonstrators would have for openly cheers to Hamas terrorists and hate  against Jews and Israeli existence?  

Ezra Levant, the founder and CEO of “Rebel news "posted on YouTube shocking video where Toronto police cheerfully deliver hot coffee and food to Hamas supporters   who blockaded the Jewish community there. Probably, it is one of the most embarrassing and pathetic moment in Canadian history along with Liberals getting “a thank” from Hamas leadership. It seems that our PM together with other leaders of West civilization are giving our country away to the mob of pro-Palestinian supporters and brainwashed leftists. After Jews, who is next? 

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Gideon Stuhler
Gideon Stuhler
09 de jan.

Hi, fellow Burquesters,

This is scarry stuff. I think we should look at having security guards at our building during events, prayers and Hebrew school. Things are getting too dicy.

Zanna, thanks you for letting us know.


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