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Apples, Honey and Shofar... for 5784 Rosh-ha-Shanah

By Zanna Linskaia

Every year we celebrate the Rosh-ha-Shanah - “the head of the year”, that commemorates the creation of the world by G-d and the beginning of the Days of Awe, with Yom Kippur at the end, knowing as the Day of Atonement.

Apples, honey, round challah and shofar are the traditional attributes of this celebration. But Torah refers to Rosh-ha-Shanah as the “Day of shofar blast”.

Fascinating explanation is given in “Siddur Im Dach”, p.232 - there are 2 types of shofar sounds - the cry of voice and the cry of the heart. The cry of a voice comes from the intellect, the cry of the heart - is an “inner cry that is not heard”.

We all live in a dangerous time with endless wars, disasters of nature, world

inflations, governments’ corruptions, lies and frauds. But the sounds of shofar give

us hope for better life and brighter future.

It reminds me the “Theatre of Absurd” by Samuel Beckett and his famous play “Waiting for Godot”. Two his heroes are waiting for arrival of mysterious Godot, who did not come. Will our feelings and expectations end like those of Becket’s heroes? Or we can achieve peace and prosperity like human beings?!

In the coming New Year Burquest Jewish community will celebrate 50 years of its existence. We are grateful to our founders, donors and members whose spirit, hearts and generous financial aid for all these years keep us alive. Our ritual services, programs and events depend on our membership and involvement of all our community.

This is vital aspect of our strength and our future. Do not forget, that renewal membership campaign begins with the coming 5784 Rosh-ha-Shanah...

Hag Sameah!

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