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Parade of hats – symbol of freedom after pandemic

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

by Zanna Linskaia

When I decided to organize a seniors’ luncheon with parade

of hats, it was thought about freedom after pandemic. To

wear summer, fancy hats instead of masks we had on our

faces almost one and a half years, to talk, smile and laugh, as

we used to do before. And to tell the history of hats as it was

with “Liberty hat “- symbol of freedom during French


First hat in human history was probably a big leaf or a piece

of leather. One of the ways that man tried to adapt to nature

and protect himself. But with time it has developed into

something more and gained a character.

Britain is a nation of hat wearers, without doubt. Here hats

have almost significant power in their ability to underline

class, gender, occupation, and others stations. Hats have

interesting stories to tell. For example:

Flat cap can be traced back to medieval England when in

1571 Parliament issued a law that all males over 6 years old

(except nobles), had to wear a wool cap on Sundays and

holidays with a penalty if they refused. The flat cap became

an icon of working class culture in the 19th -20th centuries.

Bowler hat was invented in 1849 as a hat for gamekeepers by

Edward Coke, British soldier and politician. It was made from

hard felt, has narrow brim and low crown and stayed popular

until 1960s. This hat was a trade mark of Charlie Chaplin.

Stetson is a brand of hats made by John Stetson Co. First

“Boss of planes” was waterproof, made in 1865 and popular

in the West.

Sombrero is hat with a very wide brim and a conical crown

that originated from Mexico: its brim is so wide that covers

neck, head and shoulders. That is why name comes from

Spanish word “sombo”- shadow, and now is a part of

Mexican culture.

Fedora was invented in 1882. It got name from the title of the

play written by Victorien Sardou, in which main character

princess Fedora Romanoff, played by Jewish actress Sarah

Bernhardt, who wears the same hat. It was made from felt,

had a soft brim and was creased in center.

Hard hat was patented in 1919 by E.Bullard. It was made from

steel and its role was to protect workers from injuries on

constructive sites. Now hard hats are made from high-

density polyethylene and have more strength against impact.

Hat is also a type of headgears – element of wardrobe

fashion. There are different reasons for wearing headgears –

protection, fashion, entertainment, religion, medicine,

decoration, disguise or distinction. Some of the headgears

objects are: bonnets, caps, kepis, crowns, fillets, hair covers,

helmets, hoods, masks, turbans, veils, head wraps and wigs.

The champion of wearing fancy, elegant and royal hats is our

Queen Elizabeth II. And the most popular campaign hat is a

red cap of President Donald Trump.

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1 Comment

Jul 31, 2021

Very lovely, made me smile :)

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