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Payment for killing Jews

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

By Zanna Linskaia

The longer Israel fights against Hamas, the stronger pressure by USA and EU countries on Israeli government and IDF demanding ceasefire and humanitarian aid for “innocent Palestinians.” In addition to all false accusations by left mass media, protesters of thousands, including leftist Jews, supporting and applauding Hamas, there are wrong understandings in public opinion that PA and Gaza are different conglomerations. In reality, according information by Israeli Institute of Palestinian media Watch, PA with Mahmud Abbas paid 3mln dollars to families of killed terrorists. Half of PA budget is sending every month to Gaza from money given by generous donors of EU and Norway. These countries pretend that PA pays to the terrorists not from their funds, but everyone knows - without enormous money infusion , PA could not pay to the terrorists for killing Jews.

World will not be the same for us after October 7, 2023. Difference between people of civilization and barbarians is obvious and very dangerous. Israel is always a scapegoat not only for Arabic countries but also for modern Western society. Here are the current UN resolutions regarding Israel-Hamas war:

Russia - “ it is unhuman to strike Palestinians in Gaza”. What about to bomb Ukrainian civilians by Russians almost 2 years?

Turkey (member of NATO) - “4 million of Palestinians have right for their own state”. But 40 million Kurds do not have this right.

Egypt - “We are in solidarity with Palestinians”, but they are not welcome to any Arab country.

Western leftists and LGBT - “Palestinians are peaceful civilians”, but to live there impossible - they will be murdered. Idiosyncrasy. Who are these judges and moralists?

While anti-Israel and anti-Semite's propaganda and hate reach the highest points after WWII on TV, Internet and other mass media platforms in many countries, there are still honest journalists and politicians. Among them - Brigitte Gabriel, American-Lebanese activist, who was saved by IDF during the war in Lebanon, and insists that goal for Palestinians - elimination of Israel. Anchors Douglas Murray, Megyn Kelly, and Mark Levin are strong Pro-Israel voices. In interview to Australian channel the famous Brendon O’Neil exposes the Anti-Israel mob wish - “Why won’t the Jews just let themselves be killed?” This is hypocrisy of the anti-Israel response to Hamas massacre, and lack of moral clarity, - says Brendon.

As Jews, we are so grateful to every reasonable voice out like voice of Nelly Shin, the Former Member of Canada’s Parliament in her letter of solidarity to the Jewish communities: ”I don’t think there are any words harsh enough to condemn the evil that is being committed by Hamas. I also perceive the resilience of the Jewish spirit as you have always overcome and risen from the nadir of darkness as a people of light. Triumphant light is very much part of your history. Israel has the right to defend herself and the life that her people have built by hard work and faith to transform a dessert into a blooming oasis for all who come to make Israel home.” Statement of Solidarity - Am Yisrael Chai - Nelly Shin - YouTube

Am Israel Hai !

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