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Self-destruction or how some Jews become an anti-Semites...

By Zanna Linskaia

It is not a secret that for many decades the number of the prominent Western Jews became the most outrageous anti-Semites on the world political arena. The example of this phenomenon is “Jewish Voice for Peace”(JVP), an anti-Zionist left-wing Jewish organization in USA, that supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

Created in 1996 by Tony Kushner, Noam Chomsky and others, this organization participates and inspires pro-Palestinian rallies and protests with huge financial aid for them throughout American universities and cities. By the way, Noam Chomsky, who had turned 95, was and is an intellectual Guru for Barak Hussein Obama, whose views and attitude toward “Israeli occupation of Palestine” are well known.

Advisory board of JVP, including Sarah Schulman, Judith Butler, Naomi Klein, Wallace Shawn called to Biden government to withdraw military funding to IDF in Israel-Hamas war and to hold Israel accountable for its violation of human rights and genocide of peaceful Palestinians. Pay attention, that in all their protests you can hear nothing about massacre of Israelis on October 7,2023 by Hamas militants and “innocent” Palestinians together with rapes and sadistic acts to Israeli women and children or demands to release hostages, including Americans. Nothing!

In contrary, these academics, intellectuals and educated “humanists” consider unbearable massacre as “unprecedented wave of resistance” by Palestinians. They see the “root cause” of Hamas attacks - in Israel. No surprise, that CNN, New York Times, Washington Post and left social media have branded JVP as “a key player” in defending Palestinian rights and accusing Israel of genocide. Another TV channel “Democracy now” with anchor Amy Goodman, one of the “useful idiots”, repeats the same lies.

Following the steps of JVP in USA, Canadian left Jewry formed in 2008 own organization - Independent Jewish Voices - IJV. Its goal - a strong commitment to social justice and universal human rights. They go so far from their “big brothers’ in USA, that in their doctrine are demands of “ending occupation, colonialization of all Arab land in Palestine and dismantling the Wall; returning all refugees of five generations (even those who were born in other countries), recognizing the rights of Palestinian refugees to their properties, ending Israeli oppression of alestinians”. The IJV board members - Sarah Raus, Asher Kirchner, Larry Haiven, Neil Naiman and so on... do not leave to Israel and Jews any chance to survive and exist. Moreover, they forgot, that Jews who left Arab and European countries after executions, pogroms, repressions and Holocaust are also refugees and who will compensate their losses and claims?

I have a great idea to Palestinian supporters by IJV activists. What about to ask and demand to return billions of dollars of international aid given to Palestinians and stolen by Arafat family, PA authorities and Hamas leaders?

Canadian IJV has now over 1,000 members and non-Jewish supporters. It became the largest left Jewish organization focused on Palestinian solidarity and recruiting students and young people to participate in pro-Palestinian rallies and marches. The keynote speakers of IJV are Naomi Klein and Avram (Avi) Lewis, intellectual couple, whose hatred to Israel became their distinctive mark. Professor of Toronto university Naomi Klein calls herself anti-Zionism socialist and supports BDS. According to Klein, Israel current war against Hamas in Gaza is an evidence of the Jewish acting with “impunity”. Her books and lectures, full of false allegations of IDF and Israel, as apartheid state, encourage her students to be involved in the protests against Jews. She portraits Israel guilty of all sins and describes IDF strategy as a murderous, ignoring Hamas rockets, sadistic cruelty and goal to eliminate Jewish state.

Her husband - Avi Lewis shares the same views. Filmmaker, former host of Al Jazeera and CBC, then an Associate professor of UBC. He run for a federal NDP, but failed.

Now he is going to run again as NDP candidate. After all, do you have any questions to this “sweet couple”?

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