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To stay in the sukkah

By Zanna Linskaia

After Rosh-Hashanah and Yom Kippur we celebrate the festival of

Sukkot as both an agricultural and historical holiday. It reminds us

the harvest of ancient days as well as the wandering of our ancestors

for 40 years in the desert after they left Egypt.

It is tradition for Jews to build a little booth or hut, called sukkah from

wood or canvas with the roof of bamboo shoots, branches or palm

fronds, as a temporary shelter to eat and even sleep there!

Interesting, that during the Sukkot prayers we bless 4 specific plants

– the Lulav (a tall frond from a date palm tree), the Hadas (myrtle

leaves), the Arava (willow leaves) and the Etrog (a citron fruit).

Another prominent feature that these four species represent the four

character-type among Jews: smart, workaholic, lazy and final

–educated and performed good deeds.

With what plant do you symbolize yourself?

Many Jewish communities build their own sukkahs – simple, fancy, decorated or offer to bring mobile sukkah to your place. Great ideas of it - to remember the fragile and precious nature of life – eat, drink and feel optimistic even in a pandemic. May the holiday of Sukkot be a time for happiness and spiritual

growth of Burquest JCA and opportunity to stay in the Sukkah!

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