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Singing Group


Do you like the wonderful melodies of Yiddish, Hebrew, English and Russian songs and want to study them in original versions? If so, welcome to the Burquest Singing Group, established sometime around 2005. We have rehearsals twice per month. We have a good time singing and socializing along with coffee, tea, and refreshments.

Our singing group gives many performances at senior’s centers, nursing homes, and other community places. We also participate at local multicultural festivals and events – introducing Jewish culture, traditions, and customs.

For more information about our signing group please contact us:


Community Kitchen

Our kitchen club for seniors and adults was organized at Burquest  in early 2013. The last Tuesday of every month, club members and guests prepare a delicious nutritious meal of different cuisines such as Israeli, tradition Jewish food, Russian and Ukrainian dishes and much more. The participants share their favourite recipes and enjoy tasty lunches, entertained with performances by the Burquest singing group.

We also celebrate Jewish Holidays as well – Rosh-Hashanah, Chanukah, Tu b’Shvat, Purim, Passover, Shavuot – with special menus, feasts of local fruits and vegetables and entertainment of Yiddish, Hebrew, English and Russian songs.

Sharing meals and enjoying food is an essential part of Jewish social and ritual life.

There is something wonderful about the tastes and aromas of traditional Jewish dishes – Challah on Shabbat, Sufganyot (Middle Eastern doughnuts) and Latkes for Hanukkah, Hamantashen on Purim, Matzah on Pesach, Kneidlach, Knishes, Blintzes – the list goes on and on. Indeed, Jewish cuisine includes many cultural influences as Jews throughout the Disapora adapted the dietary laws of Kashrut to their local foodstuffs. Even today, we continue to combine both the old and the new to create new culinary delights. We invite you to share our dishes and recipes and to share yours with us.

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