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'Yearnings: embracing the sacred messiness of life’ by Irwin Kula and Linda Loewenthal (2006). This was the latest book we read for our Burquest book Club. Some of us enjoyed the book, others, not so much! We resolved to read books that would take us out of our reading silos. Kula's book did that. Rabbi Kula seems to be looking at many facets of our lives, like uncertainty, forgiveness, creativity, joy and death, and he tries to find deeper meanings as we continue to ‘yearn’ to know ourselves, our actions and our world, more fully.

Our next book will be 'The Hotel keeper's Daughter' by local author and past Coquitlam city councillor, (plus many, many other roles), Gloria Levi. We will be luck enough to have her perform a book reading for us, live at Burquest, in March.

Stay tuned for details!

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