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Daniel Kalla’s ‘The Far Side of the Sky: Daniel Kalla’s ‘The Far Side of the Sky: A Novel of

Love and Survival in War-Torn Shanghai”

“I appreciate this book more now after our zoom meeting.” This is a quote from one of our

book club participants last week at the close of our book club session we chatted about

Daniel Kalla’s book, ‘The Far Side of the Sky’.

The book, based on real events, describes the escape of the protagonist, Dr. Franz Adler and his daughter and sister-in-law, as they make their way to Shanghai. There they are forced into extraordinary difficult circumstances as they navigate their new lives during the Japanese takeover of Shanghai. We discussed the historical setting and the theme of tolerance as the narrative brought us to the very intolerant period of the early 1940’s.

Please join us for our next zoom book club, on Sunday afternoon, January 22 nd at 3:30pm

where we will be discussing, ‘Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life’ by Irwin

Kula and Linda Loewenthal.

Please register for free with our administrator, Marina,

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