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Don’t be silent...

By Zanna Linskaia

I am reading now a heart-wrenching, unforgettable novel by Heather Morris “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” - true story, based on interviews with Holocaust survivor and Auschwitz - Birkenau tattooist Lale Sokolov, prisoner , who was born in Slovakia. What they all shared was fear. And youth. And their Jewish religion. His number was 32407 - the tattooing has taken only seconds, but Lale’s shock makes time stand still. How can some do this to another human being?

The same feeling I had, watching interview with Canadian-Palestinian student from Montreal. She was wearing hijab with heavy makeup on her face. On the question by reporter - What is her response after Hamas massacre in Israel, she answered with a big smile - “I am so happy for our martyrs, I want them to do it again, and again, and again, and again...”

It happened in Canada, not in Gaza, where the “innocent Palestinians” after murder of Israelis are dancing and joying on the streets. This student is not alone. Thousands pro-Palestinian supporters with bawling faces of hatred are calling for global intifada against Jews with propaganda by terrorist organizations. By non-official information there are 52 training terrorist camps in Canada. Recently, Canadian government put new 13 terrorist groups on its list, not including IRGC - Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, another proxy of Iran. Our Prime Minister doesn’t commit IRGC a terrorist organization. At the same time rampant antisemitism on J.Trudeau watch in many Canadian cities is shameful.

After October 7 violence by Hamas against Jews, we expected outgoing support by

Canadians - our colleagues, neighbors, friends. We got shocking revelation of silence. There is a saying from Talmud - “Hashlaya ve ahzava” - illusion and frustration. Hate toward the Jews will never disappear, does not matter how and what we contribute to a humankind. Only strong and powerful Israel with unconquerable army can be taken in consideration as Jewish state by Arab countries and the whole world.

Don’t be afraid. Say something. Call it out to yours MPs, to Parliament, to mass

media. Don’t be silent. Our strength is in our believes. We cannot fight the evil of

antisemitism by our own. We need all Canadians of high morality to stand with us

as we stand with Israel now and forever.

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Gideon Stuhler
Gideon Stuhler
Nov 28, 2023

I actually received a reply from Terry Beech's (our member of Parliament and junior minister in the government) communications coordinator, who is Israeli and agrees with what I wrote. From Justin Spendalot and LeBlanc not a word.


Gideon Stuhler
Gideon Stuhler
Nov 28, 2023

Dear Prime Minister, dear Ministers LeBlanc and Beech,,

As a Canadian of the Jewish faith residing in Burnaby, British Columbia, I have been following closely what has been going on in Canada as a result of the war between Israel and Hamas. I am appalled by the virulent antisemitism that has been rearing its ugly head in our country over the last weeks. This includes, among others things, unacceptable behaviour at pro-Palestinian rallies, attacks on Jewish schools and on Jewish students at Concordia and other Canadian universities. The obvious fear of a Jewish Concordia University student who was interviewed on CTV this last week showed how intolerable things have become. I would urge you to make a more concentrated effo…

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