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From Yossi Degen:

Tu-B’shevat Celebration with our community seniors social club took place yesterday at the tri-Cities Jewish Community Centre.

I’d like to use this awesome, well organized holiday celebration opportunity to light up and thanks our wonderful Zanna Linskaia who is leading the seniors group for over 15 years.

Zanna’s passion for social gathering, singing, congregation activities, support and providing Israeli-Russian culture atmosphere is the truth power behind creating help for people who are mostly relocated to Canada during their golden years.

Wonderful outreach program my beloved mother enjoyed in her last years.

Thank-you Zanna for all your daily, weekly, yearly warm caring about others. Your on-going visits my mom, made possible thanks to Jenny Reznik, visiting my mother at her senior care home were always a source of joy, smiles and strength for us.

You’re a real example for a truly community outreach program coordinator who puts her/his personality, heart, time and extra thinking mix with Jewish values in to the job.

Wish you health and strength keep on doing what you love to do - spreading happiness around you.


Your friend,


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