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Good bye, summer, hello fall!

By Zanna Linskaia

October 1.2021 was the first sunny day of this month when nature gave us a beautiful autumn gift with nice weather, lighting breeze and special event by Burquest community kitchen club at Lions Park in PoCo. We had a fresh tasty pizza lunch with veggies, fruits, beverages and homemade delicious food. Then, introduction to history of the maple leaf, the symbol and identity of Canadians, was the unknown information for many participants.

It was also interesting for them a selection of our favorite poems by famous Robert Frost, Emily Bronte, John Clare and W. Schackspire together with Russian poetry classics – A.Pushkin, B.Pasternak, M. Tzvetaeva, V.Tzoy.

Here are parts of the poems translated by Z.Linskaia:


Я думаю (уж никому не по нраву Ни стан мой, ни весь мой задумчивый вид), Что явственно желтый, решительно ржавый Один такой лист на вершине — забыт.

I think how (already no one likes My figure, face deep in thought) A strongly yellow, decidedly rusty, Leaf, there at the crown’s – forgot.

A.Pushkin: Осень

Осенняя пора, очей очарованье -

Приятна мне твоя прощальная краса,

Люблю Я пышное природы увяданье,

В багрец и золото одетые леса...

The autumn time, amazing beauty

By rain or sun with lighting breeze.

And nature has its own duty-

To turn in golden, reddish leaves.

The event was ended by arranging our own bouquets of the golden, yellow and red leaves and taking photos for our memories. . .

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