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Jewish Valentine…

By Zanna Linskaia

Valentine Day is a Christian celebration of love, beginning from 14

century. However, the real history of this holiday unknown. Over the

years, myths and legends of it sprang up – as Valentine secretly

performed Christian marriages for Roman troops or he was

imprisoned in Rome waiting for execution and sent to his beloved a

card that ended “from your Valentine”.

Through the centuries, many famous poets and writers mentioned

this symbol of love in their poems and prose including “Romeo and

Juliette” by W. Shakespeare.

But we, Jews, have our own love story long before human beings fell

in love – the story of Adam and Eve.

As told in Bible, Adam and Eve were the first humans, created by G-d

on the 6 th day of Creation and ancestors to all humankind. Initially

dwelling in the Garden of Eden, the serpent enticed them to eat an

apple from the Tree of Knowledge. This sin led them to be banished

from the Garden and invoked Divine punishment of them and their


The name Adam comes from Hebrew word –adoma-eath, also related

to word edamer-similar, similar to G-d of High. The Hebrew name of

Eve-Chavah derives from the word chai-life, for she was the mother of

all living people.

Regarding this story, Jewish nation should be grateful for sin and

mess up by Adam and Chavah, otherwise we will not be here in this

world! If sin is so beautiful and unforgettable, perhaps we should

continue to sin and celebrate this historic moment in modern time?

Not in vain, Rabbi due the wedding ceremony wishes to new weds-

“Pru U rvu”- fruitful and multiply”!

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