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Lies, after lies with hatred propaganda

By Zanna Linskaia

Once upon a time, some 20 years ago Coquitlam had been a beautiful countryside suburb with breathtaking mountain views, green belts of pines and clean quiet streets with polite population. Not any more. Now the center of the city together with shopping mall has turned to the hub of pro-Palestinian rallies, where supporters and protesters are distributing flyers and posters against Israel and Jews. Groups of Muslim women with children and men with Palestinian scarves around their necks gather near café, talking very loudly and probably getting instructions from their leaders. As a matter of fact, the same people every Sundays at 3pm together with aggressive and hateful mob, keeping megaphones, Palestinian flags and slogans are marching near the City Hall, blaming Israel of genocide and demanding elimination of Jewish state. The protests are running under the silent police presence. The freedom of speech for Palestinians, they always are victims!

Who organize these supporters of Hamas and other terroristic pro-Palestinian groups and who provide financial aid to them? You will be surprise to know that the biggest portion of money comes from your own pocket - by taxpayers.

First, Canadian Unions make stronger financial commitment to so called “Palestinian


Second, there is “Solidarity Fund for Palestine Application” by plenty self-described ”mutual aid groups” that had received civic grant funding by BC government and Federal organizations. This “Solidarity Fund” distributes cash to anyone for organizing actions” related to Palestine and Palestinian people. This application is on Facebook, you can apply for cash anonymously - and paid protesters promote antisemitism and call for violent intifada through rallies and social media posts.

Another financial source - Samidoun, Vancouver based organization with strong links to the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine, a Gaza terror group, participated in October 7 massacre and getting money from Iran, Qatar and Canadian mosques. Canadian brunch of Samidoun donated to PFLP and protesters inside our country. While Conservative party sent request to Federal government to cancel certification to this organization with terror links, the reply was usual: “We take terroristic threats against Canada very seriously”.

Meanwhile, the same connection with terror has “Palesign”, that organized blockade of Jewish neighborhood in Toronto. The members of Liberal caucus Salma Zahid and Igra Khadid included pro-terror extremists from this organization on the guest list on Parliament Hill for supporting charge against” Israeli genocide” in Gaza. But participation in all pro-Palestinian rallies and protests by Independent Jewish Voice of Canada, the similar as American Jewish Voice for Peace, is outrages and makes a shocking self-hatred revelation. IJV describes itself as representors of Canadian Jewry who have a strong commitment to social justice and human rights.

All these accusations and lies against racism, settler colonialism and white supremacy

go together with fight of Israeli oppressions of Palestine.

It is another story about the damages for Israel and Jews around the world by these

traitors, “useful idiots” and demagogies from American and Canadian Jewry.

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1 Comment

Gideon Stuhler
Gideon Stuhler
Feb 22

Many thanks to Zanna for keeping us informed.

In reply to Zanna's post I would like to state the following:

  • We Jews can chose who we donate to and we have to make some prudent choices in this respect.

  • If we are frustrated and angry about the current state of affairs, we can write e mails to politicians on the city, provincial and federal level. If enough of us raise our voices, it will be heard.

  • We can make our voices heard by attending rallies. While there are probably too few Jews for doing so in Coquitlam, there are weekly rallies at the Vancouver Art Gallery. We meet there every Sunday at 2 p.m. Renate and I are there e…

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