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Never again?!

By Zanna Linskaia

How many times we, Jews, say to ourselves and to the world - Never again it will be Holocaust, pogroms, killing our innocent people, rapes and torches to our children and women? And again world faces brutal murders of civilian Israelis, solders, officers together with captures of hostages to Gaza territory by unhuman Palestinian terrorists on October 7, 2023, celebration of Simchat Torah?

I went for coffee at the mall’s café and looked at the people who were smiling, talking, walking with purchases... I did not see them. In front of my eyes and my mind were the horrid images of the victims from the videos circulated by Hamas killers via Internet. And the scenes of dancing ,exiting and supporting Palestinians with the flags and banners of Hamas victory. Unbearable harshness of being...

How had it happened that the militants were able to breach the border fence separating the Gaza Strip and Israel and poured into the country on vehicles, heading to local communities? At least 900 people have been killed so far in Israel since Saturday, including 73 soldiers, according to media reports. 260 bodies have been found at the festival site, according to ZAKA, an Israeli non-governmental rescue and recovery organization. Hamas militants opened fire on those trying to escape. It was International music festival with participants from many countries.

Israel declares War on Hamas with the massive attacks on Gaza Strip. However, the hundred of hostages including foreigners, civilians and children taken by Hamas in Gaza city, make difficulties for battles by IDF on its territory. Now many politicians from both sides blame PM Netanyahu for his failure forgetting that endless protests for months by lefties and army against juridical reform reduced the strength of the current government and used by Hamas.

No surprise, that Muhannad Ayyash, a Palestinian Canadian professor sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary told Global News and BBC in interview that Hamas attack was response for expulsion of Palestinians from their land. Professor forgot that more then 25 years Gaza and West Bank are sovereign territories with Hamas and Fatah rules. What kind of lectures gives this sociologist to his Canadian students - you can imagine. So called “Palestinian supporters” have their rallies already in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and all over the world with slogans “Free Palestine” and “Death to Israel”.

Israel will win this war - otherwise, it is matter of our existence.

We stand with Israel - now and forever.

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