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Not only Oprah - Burquest does Book Club

Burquest recently hosted it's first zoom book club. Firsts can be tricky, not knowing how they will turn out, but I am pleased to say this meeting was very successful. We chose to read Sarah Hurwitz's book, 'Here All Along, Finding Spirituality, and a Deeper Connection to Life - in Judaism, (After Finally Choosing to Look There).'

Our session was lead by the very capable Sandra Hochstein who asked intelligent questions providing us the opportunity to learn more about the book and one another.

Despite the book's long title, it was easily accessible, tracing Ms Hurwitz's journey from 'pediatric Judaism', i.e. what she learned as a child at Sunday school, to a more advanced and nuanced understanding of Judaism, and how her research and experiences provided her with a more meaning life. She invites her audience to do the same, closing her book by writing 'I hope that you will come to love and choose Judaism too.'

We invite you to join us for our next book club meeting, date, time and book to be determined, but it will probably be a book of fiction to accommodate for variety and interest.

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