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One book, one Burquest

From Laura Zitron

"My Grandfather's Blessings" by Dr. Ruth Remen

Our book club recently discussed 'My Grandfather's Blessings' by Dr. Ruth Remen. Thoughtful questions allowed us to think about issues such as the significance of the messages we are passing onto our children and grandchildren, what does a blessing mean, were there any useful lessons learned from this book that we could employ in our own lives, and a reminder of the nature versus nurture findings. Whether or not we agreed with Dr. Remen's view, or whether or not we enjoyed her writing style, we could all agree that reading her book gave us interesting ideas to contemplate.

We decided that our next book will be a fiction book, so we have chosen "The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman. All are welcome to attend this free zoom session. To register, please e-mail Marina at

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