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Poet and Hamas activist

By Zanna Linskaia

On many streets and conjunctions of Coquitlam town center you can see the glued posters with a photo of Gaza poet, professor and Hamas activist Refaat Alareer who was killed by IDF airstrike in Gaza on December 6, 2023. With praises in his obituary and “barbaric invasion by Israel into Gaza”, there are calls for pro-Palestinian support and intifada on Israel. I found the publisher of these posters -

In my email to them, I asked - “How they consider “Israeli invasion” after massacre by Hamas more than 1,200 civilians and children in Israel on October 7?”

The shocking answer said: “it is based on a false premise. There was no ”Hamas massacre” in 2023. On the contrary, it was the Israeli military that launched a massive invasion on November 1, resulted the death of over 4,000 Palestinian civilians.”

For my other question - “What role or position Dr. Alareer had in Hamas

terroristic organization?”, they wrote: -“He was not a member of Hamas, but a vocal critic of Israeli aggression and a proponent of peaceful resistance”. Also they add: “It is important to be mindful of the facts and avoid spreading misinformation that can fuel conflicts and violence.”

With the last argument of this “educational organization” I agree 100 percent. But the curriculum of “Teach Palestine” says opposite about agenda to their own kids. Lies and atrocities, hate and jealousy. Here are the few chapters of the academy’s teaching - “Gaza story, Punch Israeli soldier, Youth fight, Stolen land by Israel, Break the borders and Walls, Eliminate Jewish state, Nakba, etc.

Regarding the prominent poet Refaat Alareer there are more lies than truth.

Despite his education in Britain and teaching literature and Israeli poetry at Islamic university in Gaza, he called poem by Yehuda Amicai “dangerous and horrible”. He said that “Israel uses literature as a tool for colonialism and aggression”. On social media Dr. Alareer describes Israel as a source of evil. In one post he wrote: “No act or means of Palestinian resistance whatsoever is terror”.

He told BBC that Hamas attack on October 7 was “legitimate and moral”, and when Israeli soldiers found the body of the baby in the stove, he asked in his tweet - “with or without baking soda”? Even liberal pro-Palestinian New York Times admitted - “Jews are openly target of his hatred”. All his writings are filled with references to Nazis and Holocaust toward

Palestinians by Israel. His accusations are totally absurd, since Arab leaders including Al Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, collaborated with Nazis.

They organized the Muslim SS Unit that committed atrocities against allied soldiers and civilians in Bosnia during WWII.

Neither Alareer’s antisemitism, no his vicious doctrines of Israel stopped his followers. Left media presents him as “an intellectual professor who protects Gaza’s bookstores from Israelis barbarians”. American Friends Service Committee also praises him as a literature hero “who battled with Israeli acts of aggression”, even this hero called Jews - “dirty Zios”.

Poet, professor and Hamas activist Refaat Alareer together with his siblings had remained in Gaza despite Israeli military ordered to all civilians to evacuate as IDF pursued Hamas militants in buildings and tunnels across the north of Gaza.

He refused to follow the order. It was his choice and will in his last poem - “If I must die...” Maybe, in another world he will meet the virgins which Hamas promised to all his fighters...

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